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<h4>Hotel Overview</h4>
<p>On December 11th 1928, The Peninsula Hong Kong opened her doors for the first time and has been welcoming guests and patrons from all over the world in true Peninsula fashion ever since.<br />
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Every great lady has a history, and The Peninsula is no exception. Hers is a remarkable story of vision and evolution with the architects who, in the early 1920s drew plans for &ldquo;the first hotel east of Suez&rdquo;, doing so at the behest of men whose foresight and confidence in Hong Kong was considered audacious at the time.<br />
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Like many grand hotels, The Peninsula is a family business. It all started with two brothers of Jewish-Iraqi descent. Ellis Kadoorie settled in Shanghai in 1880, while his elder brother Elly set himself up in Hong Kong. Over the next two decades, the Kadoorie brothers made their fortunes, achieving success in banking, rubber plantations, electric power utilities and real estate, gaining a major share holding in Hong Kong Hotels Limited.<br />
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By the time Sir Ellis was knighted in 1917 (he was also a generous patron of charities, another Kadoorie family tradition which continues to this day), Hong Kong Hotels Limited's prestigious properties included The Peak and the Repulse Bay Hotels in Hong Kong; Astor House, The Palace Hotel and The Majestic in Shanghai; and the Grand Hotel Wagons Lits in Beijing.<br />
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12 years after the opening of The Peninsula Hong Kong, the baton was passed to the next generation when Lawrence (later Lord) Kadoorie, son of Sir Elly, became Chairman of the Board, to be replaced in 1946 by his brother Horace. With the loss of the Shanghai properties to the government of the People's Republic of China in 1949, The Peninsula became the unchallenged flagship of the company.<br />
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<p>&nbsp;Opened in 1928 and now one of the world's legendary great hotels, The Peninsula Hong Kong prides itself on having the highest staff-to-guest ratio, one of the lowest staff turnover rates and some of the longest-serving employees of any hotel in Hong Kong.<br />
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The Peninsula Hong Kong is known to be a caring employer. We provide a harmonious environment, attractive remuneration packages, and give due recognition and fair rewards. We also offer our employees a wide range of training and development programmes which help bring out the best in them.</p>
<p>Throughout the years, The Peninsula Hong Kong has been the recipient of countless awards and accolades from leading international and local print and online publications, travel guides and more, cementing her reputation as one of the finest hotels in the world.</p>

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